It is important to understand all of the legal services that are available to you and to understand which one can best fit your needs.

Initial Consultations

This first meeting with a lawyer is important because it will allow us to provide you with an overview of the processes you may have to go through and will also give you a better insight as to what the likely result of your legal matter(s) may be. To learn more about initial consultations, click here.

Family Law

At Jenab & Company, our goal is to help you through all aspects of family law. We offer our expertise if you are seeking to start a family and need a cohabitation or marriage agreement. To learn more about family law, click here.


Mediation is a method of resolving an issue out-of-court by a trained mediator. Mediators are unbiased third parties who aim to hear both sides of the issue and create the best possible resolution. To learn more about mediation, click here.


Arbitration is a method of resolving an issue out-of-court by a single trained arbitrator or multiple arbitrators. Arbitrators act as unbiased third parties who aim to provide the most fair resolution for the parties. To learn more about arbitration, click here.

Collaborative Divorce

In collaborative divorces, you and your spouse agree to participate in your own settlement process, assisted by trained collaborative lawyers to help guide the process and help in creating a resolution/agreement. To learn more about collaborative divorce, click here.

Parenting Coordination

Parenting coordination is a child-focused approach to resolving issues for separated families. Parenting coordinators have special training in mediating and arbitrating parental disputes. To learn more about parenting coordination, click here.

Wills And Estates

When a person passes away leaving behind wealth of any nature, the division of wealth is decided by the law; sometimes this happens in unplanned or undesired ways. Therefore, it is important to have a will that describes how one wishes to have their wealth distributed. To learn more about wills and estates, click here.

Unbundled Services

Unbundled legal services allow for the client and the lawyer to make an agreement upon the scope of the legal services rendered. To learn more about unbundled services, click here.

Hear the Child Reports

Hear the Child Reports are reports that are designed to ensure that the best interests of the child are being met. For a report to be made, there must either be an agreement provided by both parents or there must be an order from the courts. Such reports can be useful in determining parenting arrangements. To learn more about Hear the Child Reports, click here.

Why Choose Us?

Since 2001, Ms. Jenab has been practicing law on the North Shore. She, and her colleagues, take a great degree of pride in their work and ensuring that their clients’ needs are met to the fullest. The service options provided by Jenab & Company are vast and allow for any client to find a service option that meets their individual needs.

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