Hear the Child Report

What is a Hear the Child Report?

Hear the Child Reports are reports that are designed to ensure that the best interests of the child are being met. For a report to be made, there must either be an agreement provided by both parents or there must be an order from the courts. Once that initial step is taken, Ms. Jenab will meet with the child, or children, one-on-one and will take verbatim notes. It is important that there be no coaching of the child as to what she/he is say to Ms. Jenab; nor is there to be any questioning of her/him once the interview is complete.

The report that is ultimately produced will not produce any recommendations, rather the report is simply designed to state what the child has disclosed to Ms. Jenab. Such reports can be useful in determining parenting arrangements.

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To learn more about the reports and the benefits of them, we invite you to visit the official website for the BC Hear the Child Society: http://hearthechild.ca/

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