Parenting Coordination

What is parenting coordination?

Parenting coordination is a child-focused approach to resolving issues for separated families. Parenting coordinators have special training in mediating and arbitrating parental disputes. Moreover, parenting coordinators aid separated parents to recognize – and in some cases prioritize – the needs of their child/children.

Parenting coordination is a process that gives parents access to a non-biased decision-maker who can resolve day-to-day parenting conflicts as they arise, with the main goal of minimizing further conflict and providing the child/children with the best situation. Ms. Jenab has been a parenting coordinating since 2013.

Why choose parenting coordination?

The goal of parenting coordination is to take care of the interests of the child/children. Parenting coordination helps parents to deal with the day-to-day conflicts of parental issues. Generally, parenting coordination works best if there is already a long-term arrangement in place.

To learn more, visit the BC Parenting Coordination official website:

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